“WOW! This just sounds tremendous! Jim is a former colleague in the Pacific Symphony (1998-99 season). I have known for some time what a great trombonist, musician and good guy he is. That said, this exceeds my already high expectations. Speaking as someone who has performed on a variety of low brass instruments, it’s bad enough he plays alto, tenor, bass and contrabass (very nice, BTW), but soprano?! Come on man!  And . . . the charts are dynamite! (I’m running out of exclamation points!) Bravo Jim!”

– Bob Sanders (Eminent retired LA Studio Bass trombonist – Performer on many film scores including Avatar, Star Trek II (The Wrath of Kahn), Star Trek III (The Search for Spock), Planet of the Apes, The Rocketeer, Glory, Dances with Wolves. Bass Trombone (retired), Pacific Symphony and Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and hither and yon in Southern California)