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“James Nova takes us on journey through John Williams’ Star Wars scores with a deep personal touch blending his passion and totally off the charts playing of the entire trombone family with the most current recording technology. An enormous undertaking that accomplishes an absolutely thrilling result.”

-Norman Bolter (Trombone - Boston Symphony Orchestra and Boston Pops Orchestra (retired), Professor of Trombone - New England Conservatory, Co-director of the Frequency Band)

"Want to be WOWED? Order your copy of James Nova’s “A Fall From Light to Dark.” Amazing playing and consummate arranging skills from Mr. Nova. -So impressed. Bravo Jim!"

-Joseph Alessi (Principal Trombone - New York Philharmonic, Professor of Trombone - The Juilliard School)

“James Nova takes the much-loved and familiar "Star Wars" legend and draws the listener inside this mythical realm in new and surprising ways. He does so via not only his extraordinary facility on the extended family of trombones, his mastery of the “Novadub” method and his having arranged himself this collection of some of the most memorable of John Williams’ music, but also by weaving the threads of his own palpable passion and personal life story into what becomes, for the listener and himself, an intriguingly unique, immersive magic carpet (aircraft!) ride back "a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away,”... but with a twist. The journey not only brings us back to the story we all think we know but invites us to experience novel vistas in the myth and in ourselves. Bravo, Jim, on your success with this massive musical and personal project, from light to darkness (outside and inside), then skillfully leaving the listener, in spite of all that has transpired, with a glimpse of that which gives each and everyone of us a reason to go on: “the hopeful sunbeam between the dark clouds” that beckons us “onward.”

-Dr. Carol Viera (Performing arts psychologist and coach, Co-director of the Frequency Band)

"James Nova has transcribed an entire album of music from the Star Wars movies for an overdubbed trombone ensemble, and the result is incredible! The Vader USB thumb drive is a literal must-have for trombonists and John Williams fans. The playing is simply fantastic and demonstrates a true love of the music. Get yours now!"

-George Curran (Bass Trombone, New York Philharmonic

"Jim Nova is the Force with his remarkable talent unleashed upon the music of John Williams. Not only are the arrangements unbelievably great, but the trombone playing is incredible. Buy the recording, make the popcorn and sit back to be thoroughly entertained by Jim Nova’s A Fall from Light to Dark."

-Kenneth Thompkins (Principal Trombone, Detroit Symphony Orchestra)

"So proud of my friend and colleague, Jim Nova, for this incredible accomplishment.  When I first heard his overdubs on Soundcloud, I was blown away.  Now he has released a second version recorded on better microphones and with expanded depth.  There are moments in this recording where I am speechless.  Please reserve a recording ASAP to support Jim and to expand what you thought was possible on the trombone."

 - Jeff Dee (Principal Bass Trombone, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra)

"This project is sure to raise the temperatures for any warm-blooded trombonist out there. Jim's playing is sheer excitement, as he remains true to this music. He brought out my Star Wars inner kid, and will definitely make you want to practice!"

- Shachar Israel (Associate Principal Trombone, The Cleveland Orchestra)


My love for all musical things Star Wars began a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…


As a six-year-old child, my father took my brother and me to see The Empire Strikes Back. Even at that age, I was overwhelmed with how important the music was to the story telling, and thus began my lifelong love of the incredible scores of John Williams.
A few years later, at age nine, I began playing the trombone in my home state of Connecticut. As a child I received my early musical exposure and training from my father, Anesti Nova. During high school, I studied with my first private trombone teacher, Assistant Principal/Second Trombonist of the Hartford Symphony, George Sanders…
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