“I have been listening with great delight to Jim Nova’s recent recording A Fall from Light to Dark and I must tell you this is a must have for every trombonist in the world. Each carefully crafted arrangement shows off the instrument gloriously and displays the fullest emotional and musical range I’ve ever heard in a single person’s multi-track recording. Every part; soprano, alto, through tenor, bass and contrabass is exquisitely performed and the blend of the parts is simply awesome.  Jim’s performance is world class. He effortlessly and flawlessly hauls off what were originally string, woodwind, horn and trumpet parts! This recording is destined to become a classic among trombonists and introduces non-trombonists to the technical and musical possibilities way beyond what most people associate with our instrument. Bravo, Jim! Your recording will inspire trombonists all over the world and remind us all why we love to make music! Bravo!!”

– Alex Iles (LA Studio trombonist – Performer on numerous film scores including The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, Principal Trombone – Long Beach Symphony)