“James Nova takes the much-loved and familiar “Star Wars” legend and draws the listener inside this mythical realm in new and surprising ways. He does so via not only his extraordinary facility on the extended family of trombones, his mastery of the “Novadub” method and his having arranged himself this collection of some of the most memorable of John Williams’ music, but also by weaving the threads of his own palpable passion and personal life story into what becomes, for the listener and himself, an intriguingly unique, immersive magic carpet (aircraft!) ride back ”a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away,”… but with a twist. The journey not only brings us back to the story we all think we know but invites us to experience novel vistas in the myth and in ourselves. Bravo, Jim, on your success with this massive musical and personal project, from light to darkness (outside and inside), then skillfully leaving the listener, in spite of all that has transpired, with a glimpse of that which gives each and everyone of us a reason to go on: “the hopeful sunbeam between the dark clouds” that beckons us “onward.”

– Dr. Carol Viera (Performing arts psychologist and coach, Co-director of the Frequency Band)